Regular Attendance to Conferences and Seminars

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Conferences and Seminars

- 12-13/12/2015: Symposium about «Current topics of Tax Law», Greek Jurists Association e-Τhemis, Divani Caravel Hotel.

- 4/11/2015: Educational Seminar on the «Rights of persons with mental health problems and their practical protection», Company of Social Psychiatry and Mental Health in cooperation with Mental Health Institute for Children and Adults and the Hellenic League for Human Rights.

- 24-25/4/2015: Conference «Civil Law and Modern Developments", Patras, Association of Civilists and Bar Association of Patras

- 13-15/3/2015: Conference on "Topical Issues of Tax Law", Nafplio, Union of Trainees and New Lawyers of Athens (EANDA).

- 03/11/2014: Seminar on "The criminal protection of personal data, according to the Greek Court and the case law of the European Court of Human Rights," Athens Bar Association and Foundation of Professor Elias Krispis and Dr. Anastasia Samara-Krispis for International Legal Studies'.

- 13/10/2014: Seminar on "The luck of the Procurement Public Works (Public Assignments) after conviction in the European Court of Justice, 'Athens Bar Association' and 'Foundation of Professor Elias Krispis and Dr. Anastasia Samara-Krispis for International Legal Studies'.

- 14/05/2014: Event of the «Hellenic Start up Association» at the Hub of Innovation Technology and Entrepreneurship Technopolis, City of Athens (Innovathens).

- 05/05/2014: Scientific Conference "Problems of the law on unfair commercial practices and consumer protection," Association of Greek Commercialists and Nomiki Bibliothiki

- 14-15/03/2014: Conference on "Medical Liability and Bioethics 2014", research group Information: Regulation, History and Culture, E-Themis and Law Library.

- 07-08/02/2013: Conference on "Law and Innovation", Delphi, E-Themis.

- 28/01-18/03/2010: Seminar on "Social Security Law", Athens Bar Association.

- 09/2008-06/2009: Seminar on "Environmental Law", Athens Bar Association.

- 26,27/09/2008: Lecture on "The New Land Register", Center of Scientific Education of Nomiki Bibliothiki in Athens.